Solar Installation


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   All systems Tailor made to your specifications*                                    ABB inverter  

We can provide you with a detailed proposal to suit your specific needs and roof space.
As not too many homes are identical or have the same roof space, our packages are completed using the latest software and drone footage to ensure that you the customer get the best system to suit not only your roof but your budget too.Canadian solar panel

We only use quality built  inverters with a guaranteed replacement warranty of 10 years. We don’t sell or use cheap imitation inverters.

All Solar panels installed by Amplect hold a 25 year guarantee of performance.

All workmanship is guaranteed and endorsed by the Clean Energy Council

Amplect Pty Ltd is a member of the Clean Energy Council and holds the applicable licence A1445341

Please note, we can offer solar packages suited to your budget.  We can offer savings on systems utilising a multitude of panels and inverters that all carry the same warranty as above. Call us or leave an enquiry and we’ll be more than happy to design a system based on your budget and roof space.

*Indicated include supply and installation of complete system respective of design capacity and after Government incentives. Three phase systems will attract further costs based on individual design. All STC’s are agreed to be signed over to Amplect Pty Ltd.